Black Ice and Starbucks

February 15, 2007 at 4:20 pm Leave a comment

This is a post about black ice.  I know, it sounds like jewelry, doesn’t it?  I would love to tell you that I got some black diamonds for Valentine’s day.  But I didn’t.  We did  have black ice.

As  you know, it snowed in Baltimore yesterday.  Snow is not a bad thing and we only received about two inches, but what happens during the day makes it worse.  The snow melts during the day and covers the roads with a sheen of water. The temperature drops, the sheen of water freezes. You have ice on all the roads that you can’t really see or tell that it’s there. Black Ice. And it can be dangerous.

The worst part about black ice is the other drivers.  You get some hotshot in an SUV traveling well above the speed limit, thinking his vehicle is not going to skid.  Then that self same vehicle causes a pile up.  So, you not only have to watch out for your own car, you have to pay careful attention to what everybody else on the road is doing.  It makes driving treacherous and uncomfortable.

Chris had the day off, the courthouse was closed, so he decided to drive me to work.  I did not complain. On the way to work we landed on the beltway, and of course there was a seven car pileup blocking all lanes of traffic.  Not only that, but cars kept whizzing past us on the breakdown lane.  And, one moron even became upset with the traffic, did a U-turn and drove the WRONG WAY back up an exit ramp, while others just threw there cars into reverse and reversed back up the ramp.  I could not believe it.  And, the police were all looking after the accident victims so they couldn’t be near us and pull these people over for a ticket.  It was just awful.

But we managed to make it to the exit and were able to have a Valentine’s Day lunch and then headed to Starbucks for a cinnamon dolce latte.  Not bad.  I usually don’t like Starbucks, but I sure do like the lattes. Yum.   Hope  you all got something sweet for Valentine’s day!


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