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I am taking a half day today.  I did not sleep well last night. In fact, I hardly slept at all.  I have been having trouble sleeping as of late.  I really don’t want to start taking something to help me sleep, but I might have to.  It was particularly bad last night. I got up and played   on the internet for a few hours until I finally got sleepy.  By then it was almost time to get up.


I talked to my mom this weekend and my sister is taking everything like a trooper.  She doesn’t seem to have any adverse reactions to the chemo.   She gets a little tired but that is understandable.  She is not getting naseous.   I spend a lot of time trying not to think about this.   I guess it would be avoidance therapy.    I did send my mom some paperwork for family medical leave.  If I can get that in place, I can use my sick leave to go up and try and help my mom for a bit.  Maybe go up for a week just to give my mom a break, help with making dinners and taking my sister to appointments.   And be able to see how things are going.


I keep thinking I need to go to the doctor.  I have been avoiding it.   I sometimes feel a tightness in my chest.  I think it is just from sleeping rather strangely, and maybe stress.  But I am afraid to go to the doctor in case he tells me I have high blood pressure or high cholesterol.   More things that I just can’t deal with right now.   So, I just figure that not knowing is better than worrying about it.    Because I can be really good at worry when I want to be.


I know I have been posting a lot of fluff on the blog.   I really want to get back to posting more things about me and my life, but I tend to not want to dwell on it, so I push it onto the back burner.     My life, at least here in Baltimore, is fine.   I have Chris, I have my pets.  What more could I want?


I am glad that some of you out there are sharing your life through your blog with me.  Don’t stop.  I enjoy reading about your lives and checking in on how you are doing. Many of you I don’t really know, but am getting to know as you share.  I think it is important that we share our lives.  We have little voices and the internet makes them bigger, somehow.    Maybe it brings us closer together.  Maybe it makes us see how similar we really are.


Anyway, I am hanging in there this week.   Hope you are doing the same.  Stay cool.  Summer is almost over.


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  • 1. tigeryogi  |  September 11, 2007 at 2:21 pm

    Hang in there Hon. I’m just an email away…

    ((HUGS)) 🙂

  • 2. Doug  |  September 11, 2007 at 4:45 pm

    Hey Doug, sorry I’ve been away. I’m relieved to hear about your sister, and I hope things continue to go well. *hugs*

  • 3. arkano18  |  September 12, 2007 at 3:25 pm

    I know that chemo can be really painful, but I think it’s more painful when it happens to someone you love. I think your sister is a hero, and you are a hero to, just because you want to be there and to be helpful.

    I loved your comment on my blog, I want to thank you for your kindness and for sharing your life. We shy guys are always thankful of those who listen to us.

    If you want to get some sleep, I recommend you what my doctor recommended me: not to use any drug, but anti-allergic pills. Antihistamines induce you to a light sleep, instead of the heaviness produced by sleeping pills. And they’re not toxic.

    A big monumental hug. Keep posting. I’ll keep reading.


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