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laptop woes

Just to let y’all know, I am going to keep posting until my laptop dies.

But if suddenly I disappear from the interweb, you will know it finally happened. My laptop had bid a fond farewell, and I really can’t afford another one right now.

But it seems to be slugging along so I can at least make a post today.

I am not really sure what is wrong with it. It is over three years old and for a computer that is ancient. And I do use it every day, so much so that the w and s keys are starting to stick. And it takes forever to boot up and twice as long to find and load a web page even though I have dsl and the internet should be fast. Sometimes I sit and wait and wait and wait and it gets frustrating. The new trick that it just started to do was that I was surfing around and goofing off on the internet for a while, and then all of a sudden it just loses its net connection and I can’t load any page at all. Usually at this time I have to reboot the machine to get it to connect again and it takes so long to reboot, I just let it be. Egads.

So I have something new on my Christmas list for next year.

So far, the week has been going swimmingly. Not much has been happening. We have been super busy at work and I am not quite sure why but it makes the days go really quickly. I have been watching season ten of Midsomer Murders and it is a little goofier than other seasons but it is still pretty good. I really love that show!

and tonight I am really tired because I didn’t seem to sleep well at all last night. I drank a little bit of iced tea at dinner but not enough that I should not be able to sleep but that is exactly what happened. So, I feel a little sluggish at the moment and it is amazing that I can still string words together into some sort of sense.

So, I am going to go now and watch something. See you later!


April 29, 2008 at 11:15 pm 6 comments


Well, the time has come down to settle in on the next show that I need to get tickets for.

Unfortunately, with the hubbub over the car I may have to put it off for a few weeks but I am itching to get the ball rolling and get tickets for June.   I am trying to go every other month and I have a long list of shows still to see.

I really think the winner for June might be Young Frankenstein.    I have an online deal that will get me seats for eighty bucks a piece and that is pretty good, and I can get them for a Saturday matinee.   Young Frankenstein isn’t high on my list of things to see  (I really didn’t care that much for the Producers) but it has a good cast  (Roger Bart, Sutton Foster, Andrea Martin)  and I bought the soundtrack and it certainly is pretty darn silly.   Well, a little more than silly really.   Almost so silly it becomes inane.   But some of the songs are humorous and I am sure when you throw in the performance the songs probably mean that much more.  And I would want to see the original cast if I saw it.   It would be better to see the people that originated the roles.   So, I think that might be the next show I see.   And some of the songs do get stuck in  your head.  Like the song about rolling in the hay.    We’ll see.

I also want to see Cry Baby, a Catered Affair and Billy Elliot  and of course the Little Mermaid (that Chris has forbidden me to get tickets for).   I also want to see August : Osage County but because it is about a severely dysfunctional family, Chris would rather not see that one, either.  Probably too tense for him.   We can do light hearted and silly.   And it doesn’t get more madcap than Young Frankenstein.

But why am I blogging about this now? We are not going until June 28th!

Oh, the weather is getting hotter and hotter now.   I made the mistake of wearing long sleeves to work and boy did I regret it.   Now I am hot and uncomfortable.   I hate when it turns to summer.

Oh, and I got a rental. A little black Chevy Cobalt and I really like it.  Maybe they will tell me Agatha can’t be fixed and I can get one for real!   That would be nice!

But then I really wouldnt get to new york and we can’t have that, can we?

April 26, 2008 at 10:25 pm 5 comments


My coworker and I got into a discussion last night.  She needed to know the basic plot of the Count of Monte Christo.   I was able to give it to her.

And then I realized, it was NOT because I had read the novel  (I hadn’t).   It was because I used to watch that old PBS series called Wishbone, the star of the clip above.

Do you remember Wishbone?  He was a jack russell terrier who lived with a family and the kids kept getting into moral dilemmas.   Wishbone always came to the rescue by teaching them a lesson from a classic novel.  Then we would get to see the actual classic novel acted out, with Wishbone as one of the main characters.

Sure, it was a bit cheesy but I really enjoyed them.  Wishbone actually did a version of Northanger Abbey, and Romeo and Juliet, and the Adventures of Tom Sawyer, among others.  And of course he did the Count of Monte Christo, which is why I can remember the plot.

Incindentally, in the age that all TV series are now coming out on DVD for our pleasure, so far, Wishbone has not.  I wonder if there is someone I can write to?  The “save Wishbone” campaign?

I think Wishbone even had a series of books that we carried at the library.

Nothing wonderful can ever stay! I hope you enjoy the clip, at least.

April 24, 2008 at 11:00 am 5 comments


I am waiting for the Tow Truck to come and carry Agatha off to her temporary home in order for her to get fixed.

Apparently, they are unable to contact the man who hit me, so in order to expediate matters I am going through my own insurance and paying the deductable.

Which means, my plans to get tickets for the next Broadway show I want to see has been put on hold.

But I need my car.  It gets me to work, so I must get her fixed. If I lived close to work I would ditch my car completely and walk.  I really hate driving.  And I worry about what other people are doing (and rightfully so!)  And now I have to get a rental car and worry in triplicate becaue I will be driving around in a car that I don’t even own.   

I hope Agatha can get better.  She is a 2001 but she is a Honda and has served me well for many years.  I don’t want to get rid of her just yet.   She has life in her, God Damnit!

Now that I am swearing on the blog, it will not be long before I crave a martini and a cigarette.  Just you wait.  But I would have to get one of those long cigarette holders like they do in the old movies.  And I probably wouldn’t inhale, just puff drastically.    Now, the Martini I would drink and after several I would start slurring my words and probably become full of vitriol and take it out on rather nice people. 

God Damnit I want to be Elizabeth Taylor in “who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf!”   “I wear the pants in this family because somebody has to!”

Maybe I jut need a percoset.  

April 23, 2008 at 4:22 pm 5 comments


It was a beautiful day in Baltimore, and as it was so beautiful, I decided to take half a day vacation to enjoy it.

I was heading home in my little Honda Accord when this sedan next to me, not looking where he was going, decided to change lanes, directly INTO the side of my car.

Naturally, the driver’s side mirror was completely knocked off, the side of the car was scraped and I was thrown into the curb causing the tire on the passenger side to blow.   And I had no idea about the passenger side tire, so I wondered why the car was pulling when I limped my way back home. Luckily I was about five minutes from the house.

I am unhurt, but the car will need to be towed.  And as it was not my fault, I have to wait to hear from the perp’s insurance until I can get the car towed and possibly get a rental.    And I did not want to have to deal with this whole mess today.   

And I always am completely unsure how to handle these situations but I kept my cool through it all and got all his information.  I did not call the police so no report was filed and no one bothered to stop to be a witness so I really don’t have a witness either, though he did say it was his fault.

Anyway, if I get my insurance to take care of it, there is a 500 dollar deductable that they would try and get back but there is no guarantee that they would so I think I should let his insurance cover the whole thing.

I am waiting to hear from them, hopefully I will know something tomorrow.

Always entertaining, my life is!

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I know I have not blogged in a long time.  Unfortunately, it is allergy season and my allergies kicked up big time.    And I was suffering from a lack of things to say.  But today I have something to say, so here I am!

Yesterday Chris and I took the bus to New York to see Gypsy with Patti Lupone.   I had never seen Ms. Lupone live so I was in for a treat.   We had bought the tickets about two months ago, arranged for the bus to take us and they we were! 

We arrived in New York about ten AM and started to wander around a bit.  They were having a street festival on one of the streets so we ate something called an aropas – it is a corn pancake that is stuffed with mozzerella cheese, and got a smoothie.    Then because the weather was good we decided to walk up to central park for a little trek around.   It is so easy to get lost in the park and turned around.  The paths don’t seem to follow any order, and you start walking, thinking you are near one corner of the park and you get completely lost.   Luckily there are a lot of police around to help you get back on track.  Much of the city was closed off due to the visit of the pope.   In fact they were even checking bags before you could even go on to particular streets.  Luckily, we were not too terribly near where the pope was going to be.  Apparently the pope does not like theatre because he was leaving the theatre district alone.

After the trek through the park we stopped at a shop that makes hand made soap and bought a bar. The soap smells marvelous.  I forget the name of the shop but it is on sixth avenue near the park.  We bought a lemon bar.  Very nice.

We were getting hungry and it was getting close to the time of the show so we stopped in for some cheap pizza and then got in the line to get in to see Gypsy.   They actually had programs you could buy so I bought one with some wonderful color pictures of Ms. Lupone.   We were in the orchestra in the center section, near the back but the seats were still good.   And the show was wonderful.  If you get the chance to see it, her, you must do so.  Gypsy is classic American theatre.  Fabulous music and story and they did a wonderful job.  I can’t gush enough about the wonderful job Ms. Lupone did.  I can only imagine what role she will take on next.   After Mama Rose, what can you do?  Did you know Stephen Sondheim wrote the lyrics? 

Anyway, after the show I talked to Chris and he liked the show but did not love it.  He even said that he liked seeing the “Wedding Singer” and “Mamma Mia” better!    He found Gypsy to be depressing.  I mean, it is sort of about Mama Rose and her unfulfilled life, but it is not too depressing, at least I don’t think so.  But there is no accounting for taste.   At least he can say that he saw the show live and that he saw Patti Lupone! Not many people can say that!

The show was rather long. Three hours!  So we had to hurry and get some dinner at Dean and Deluca’s and hopped on the bus for home.  All in all it was a perfect day.

Now I have to decide what I want to see next.  I am leaning toward Cry Baby,  the John Waters film turned into a new musical.   Or maybe Catered Affair.  I will let you know. 

Happy Sunday!

April 20, 2008 at 4:56 pm 5 comments

What are you doing with that thing?

I have a friend who reads my blog and thinks I have crap taste in music and television.

Probably because of my theory in life  England=Good.

I can’t deny that I feel this way.  I have too many favorite singers, writers and television programs to prove this fact.  Are they all good? That is subjective.   I think they are good and that is all that matters.  I try as hard as I can to stand by my conviction.

Until, that is, last night.

I rented a series I had never seen before, a mystery, from the U.K.  called “Murder City.”   Boy was I excited.  A new series with new characters and new mysteries and wonderful English  accents and it would open up a new world of crime to this avid little user.

But there was a problem with this little number.  It wasn’t the acting.  That was not great, but good enough.  It wasn’t the story line (that was a little weak but it did tie everything up by the end.)   I think it was the direction.  Either the direction or the fact that the person filming had no idea what they were doing.

Part of it was filmed like an experimental college film.  You would suddenly get close-ups of the characters eyes for no reason whatsoever.    Then the characters would walk through the woods and you would be treated to some lovely shots of characters standing with the sun dappling them in a hazy glow.  Nothing to do with the plot, I think the director just thought the shot looked cool.  But what really bothered me was what they did in the close up shots.  You would be watching a character talking, and instead of panning slowly closer in a seamless way, the camera lurched forward suddenly for an even closer shot.  The first time I thought it honestly was a mistake.  No one would choose to do this, right?  Then it happened again.  And again.  After the fifth time I sensed a trend, and not a good one.   What was the director thinking?

Tonight I am going to watch episode two to see if they cleaned up the act any or if this is going to be the way the camera moves for the whole series.  And I will watch anyway because it still is better than Friends, or Seinfeld,  or whatever crap they are showing on TV now. 

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