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This post is for Tiger Yogiji.

And no, this is not a picture of Godzilla.  It is Anguirus, who appeared in many Godzilla films.  I really like Anguirus.  He sort of waddles out of the sea and sometimes gets to help Godzilla.   He is amazing.

Yesterday at the info desk I was approached by a rather serious looking 7 year old girl.

She said “Do you have any Godzilla movies?”

I said “Well, I sure wish we did, but I don’t think so. Let me check.”  And alas, we did not.

But this immediately perked up the ears of a little boy next to her. “Godzilla?  What is Godzilla?” he asked.

I was immediately in my element. I could spew out all the info I knew about Godzilla stomping on Tokyo.  I could talk about my favorite spiny guy Anguirus.  I told him about Mothra.  And King Gidorah.  And MechaGodzilla. I filled him in on Monster Island.   And the wonderful way that Godzilla can breathe fire.  And how he picks up other monsters and flips them over and throws them into buildings.  And the ocean.  And how helicopters often come to take Godzilla out, but they never do.

“Godzilla always wins” the girl added.

Then his mother piped in.  “I thought Godzilla was an ape?”.   How little does she know!  Ape indeed!

So, to prove her wrong, I went to google to look up a picture of Godzilla. My charming little 7 year old girl followed me over.  “You are looking up Godzilla, aren’t you! ” she said.  “Sure am” I replied.  I found a good picture to give the little boy.

 “Did you see Godzilla Final Wars?” she asked.   Nope. I had not.

“I own it.” she told me in her serious way.

Godzilla. At your local library.  What fun!


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