Goodbye Fete

October 9, 2008 at 12:15 am 5 comments

Yesterday, I was much suprised when my coworkers had a lovely going away party for me. 

It was wonderful!

I admit, I sort of had an inkling that it was going on.  I was sitting quietly at my desk, minding my own business while fellow staff members kept running from the staff room to the meeting room carrying all sorts of things.   And there was mysterious wrapped foods when I looked in the refridgerator in the morning.    All signs pointed to a party.    But, I tried to be my usual not nosy self  (HA)  and pretended that I knew nothing was going on.

Then they called me in and it was wonderful.  They had a very nice fall table set up with an enormous pumpkin in the center and lots and lots of food.  My friend Lois even made clam dip and brought it in!  There was a goodbye cake and desserts, and lots of snack items.  And the best part is that all the friends I had made had gathered and we could eat and laugh together.

And then I got to open presents!  I got chocolate and a couple of puppets,  and some gift cards and a mug with my name on it.   And more chocolate  (and I took it home and hid it, that is for sure)  and some I Can Has Cheezburger magnets to put on my fridge and make captions on everything.   And the staff gave me some money and told me to use it on Amazon.Co.Uk,   (they know me so well) so I can help bolster England’s economy.    And I have some CDs and books already picked out and I am definately going to use it for some fun things.

I am down to two more days and I am a bit sad.  It still doesn’t feel like I am going, even though my desk has all been boxed up and has been shipped through delivery to my new home.  I guess it will hit me on Tuesday when I officially start there and have to meet everyone new.   I am sure going to miss my branch and all the friends I have made here.

And I have discovered that the branch I am going to does not have a great deal of fiction readers, so I won’t get to use my readers advisory skills as often.   Does that mean I will stop reading?

No way!

You can be sure that I am still gonna be reading and I still will share with you all the new books I have discovered.    British books and yank books alike.   

And I have a review of a good one I have to post tomorrow.  Just finished it as we speak.    Hopefully you will get something out of it!

Anyway, the party was really appreciated.  It makes me feel good that I work for an organization that values me and the skills that I bring.   It makes me glad that I found a good place to work for and hopefully will be able to retire from.   It makes me glad that the place I work for attracts so many good people and that I always have some dear, dear work friends to spend my week with. 

And tonight, my friend Melissa had a visit from her pug, Apple, and I got to pick her up!  Yay!  And she has a curly tail!



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Happy Tuesday! And Now… a Funny.

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  • 1. tigeryogiji  |  October 9, 2008 at 3:34 pm

    It sounds like it was a wonderful time! I just know that you will make lots of new friends at your new branch!!

    P.S. That’s odd that there aren’t a lot of fiction readers. What kind of people are going to this library?

  • 2. Chris Liits [Sidney Hound]  |  October 9, 2008 at 10:17 pm

    I trust that you know that the “I can haz cheezburgers” thing is taken from Lol Cats. Look on Wilipedia for Lol cats and see what you get.
    Enjoy your new placement and enjoy the chocolate.

  • 3. Steve Rebooted  |  October 10, 2008 at 2:50 am

    Awww, that was sweet!

  • 4. Doug  |  October 10, 2008 at 6:57 pm

    Ahhh, a fete. Were there dancing boys? 😉

    I Can Has Cheezburger magnets! I just saw those on their website. Those will come in handy, I’m sure.

    Those kinds of going-away parties are so bittersweet. I’ve been close to tears at a few of them. Hopefully you’ll be able to stay in touch with your friends.

  • 5. urspo  |  October 12, 2008 at 2:57 am

    I am very glad they treated you well; it is nice to get concrete validation you are loved/will be missed!


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