Tarot Decks.

February 11, 2009 at 12:53 am 5 comments

This is for Spo’ who wanted to know the decks I am currently using.

My favorite deck is the Aquarian Tarot. I remember having this deck in high school The cards appear to be light drawing with some watercolor and are in an art deco style. I have had some luck with this Tarot, but some of the descriptions of card meanings can be somber. This is the card deck that keeps giving me the Tower as a past obstacle and I can’t seem to shake it. Live and learn.

I also am using the Gilded Tarot deck. This deck is full of bright colors and has a touch of whimsy. I get more positive readings from it and really like the artwork. It is by Ciro Marchetti and follows the symbolism in Rider-Waite. I should use this deck more often.

I have the Witches Tarot, as suggested to me by a tarot teacher at the new age store. She suggests this one because often you can remember the meaning of the card because the image represents the meaning (not in all cases, but in many). It is a good deck to use to learn with but I am not thrilled by the art. I haven’t really done many readings with this deck, so I can’t give you any insight to what I have discovered.

I just orderd the Tarot Art Nouveau and I think it is in the mailbox today. It is very Italian, florid and pastel, and looks very pretty. I am very visual when it comes to the cards. If I don’t like the art, I probably won’t like the deck and won’t gravitate toward it, and there are so many decks out there that I think are pretty ugly. I hope to start using this one this week and see how I do.

One deck that I do not own but would like to buy is the Tarot of the Cat people. The art is a little strange, but this is another deck that I had in high school that I can’t find. It might be in the basement, so I might crawl down there and look. But if I can’t find it I might get this deck again. I seemed to have some luck with it. It is a deck with good karma.

The only other deck I am using is one pertaining to Animal Spririt guides and is more of a set of oracle cards than a tarot deck.

Oh, and thanks to Tiger Yogiji who suggested Aeclectic Tarot on the web. I have been hanging out there and reading the forums. You can look at many of the decks there and they have sample images of many of the cards. That way you can select decks you might want to own.

Today is the Knight of Pentacles. The book I use said that he represents public service, and that is what I am doing tonight. So I guess it can come true!

Now to figure out what that tower means as far as my past!


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  • 1. urspo  |  February 11, 2009 at 2:19 am

    “This is the card deck that keeps giving me the Tower as a past obstacle and I can’t seem to shake it.”

    This is usually a sign The Collective is trying to tell you something and you are not listening / grasping it.
    Study the Tower and work it out.

    I have the Aquarian Deck as well – it is a good ‘basic’ deck. It is one of the more masculine decks as Strength is a man.

    I could recommend a lot of decks but they are so individual – decks should call to you and vice versa.

    With that said – I very much recommend:

    The Brotherhood Deck from Oak Grove Oracle. Very good photos, gay oriented, and just darn lovely.

    Another deck – I love the Halloween Deck. Very clever.

    One beyond description but so much fun is the Housewives Deck. Look it up at Amazon.com. It is a hoot.

    I’ll try to send an email of all my decks.

  • 2. coco  |  February 11, 2009 at 2:43 am

    oh, wow! i want a reading…

  • 3. Indigo  |  February 12, 2009 at 8:10 pm

    I have that groovy vampire-like deck that always doles out ill-fortune. It’d be great for Dark Shadows!

  • 4. Tarot Gratis  |  April 21, 2009 at 8:09 pm

    Very very Nice site. Hello from leotarot.com and congratulations from Spain. I do like your site

  • 5. linda  |  December 2, 2009 at 1:43 pm

    I prefer the Universal Rider Waite as I prefer it’s traditional images. The Broken Tower says to me ‘expect someone to surprise you by their actions, and not a particularly nice surprise either. Problems in your life are usually close to home when this card makes an appearnce.


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